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Zuii came up with two new products a while back which I will introduce to you now. The classic makeup powder got company from this new quite different pressed Ultra Powder Foundation.

The first difference is in the box. The box has a luxury feeling to it with it’s mirror in it and a cotton pad which with you can fix your makeup during the day. So this product is easy to take with you in your bag. Also there are more shades available now. This alabaster shade is the lightest yellow-based colour and I would say it’s between Ivory and Creme from the classic makeup powders. The darker yellow-based shade is Dune which would be actually great for me for summer to get that colour and tan on. Red-based colours are Buff (which is the lightest) and Oak.

The texture in this pressed powder is more silky and softer compared to the makeup powder. In it’s caption it’s called “soft focus effect” and that describes it quite well. This too has a great pigment and you can build it up to get full coverage. Still for oily or mixed skin I would recommend the original makeup powder since this is a bit more softer and moisturising. But the difference isn’t that big so if you find a better shade from this product I think it’s okay.

Later I will introduce you the other new product, which is awesome for us oily ladies. Stay tuned!


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