How to keep your brushes soft

Photo Matt Trostle

A good makeup brush feels soft and feels pleasant on the skin, but it also needs maintenance to stay soft.

My secret to soft brushes is using conditioner on them. I don’t use it every time I wash them but I use it from time to time. I apply it to the bristles after soap and I let it absorb for a minute or two. After rinsing the brushes feel incredibly soft and fresh.

My brush cleanser at the moment is the liquid blendercleanser. I like that it’s liquid and comes with a pump. It feels effective yet gentle. Oh and it’s the best cleanser for beautyblender.

My brush conditioner at the moment is faith in nature seaweed conditioner, which I bought from market some time ago. I meant it for my hair at first, but it turned out to be quite useless for that. But for my brushes – it’s the bomb. I do use my brushes on my face, so it’s important to me that the product is organic. This product is ecocertified, which is great.

My brushes got a good pampering after a weekend of work and they feel like new again.

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