Welcome to my new blog!

Charlotan silmin


Hey you!

Welcome to my new site, Charlottaeve.

I could start by telling a little something about me. My name is Charlotta (second name Evelina). I’m 21 years old. I’ve been living almost my whole life in Helsinki. I live with my boyfriend in a nice village-like-neighborhoor and we have a robot cleaner as a pet. I love writing this blog, ’cause I can combine two things I love: writing & beauty. I also find social media fascinating.

I’m a cosmetologist as a profession so I’m all about that skincare and makeup. I’ll do my best to share my knowledge here.

I have been writing since 2011 and you can find my old blog here (it’s in finnish but there are a lot of photos about makeup and such).

I’m really excited about my new site! Welcome to my blog!

Xoxo, Charlotta


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