My vanity



Lighted makeupmirror-
Small mirror- Ikea
Koruteline – Stockmann

Pink decoration stones – Pentik
Lipstick holder –
Table – Sotka

When we moved to our new house my boyfriend got me a table and a makeupmirror as a gift. That was so thoughtful. I could have never asked that of him. Thank you darling!

I’ve dreamed of my own vanity since a little girl. I’ve always had some kind of spot for my makeup but never a table just for that.

I first thought of getting a simple table from Ikea, but then I saw this table at Sotka and got it instead. The service and quality was also way better at Sotka than Ikea.

The lighted mirror is a must have in Finland. Really, I couldn’t get through autumn or winter without it since there’s no light. None.

I like to have my brushes where I can see them so I’ve put them in glass jars and decorated them with pink stones. I think it looks beautiful and fresh.

I love my vanity. I love having my own place, where it’s just me and my makeup. My own special place.


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